Pilar Aguirre, agent
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Hailing from both Manhattan and, later, Los Feliz, I developed a strong attraction to various urban landscapes, spaces, and lifestyles. These interests, along with an attention to detail and design have always impressed me- especially having grown up in a house full of artists with a painter for a mother and a film editor for a father. Today, I split my time between London and Los Angeles. Having lived in three major metropolitan cities has bettered my communication amongst a global clientele. I am able to show out-of-state and international clients familiarity in Los Angeles through architecture, culture, and opportunity.

Since I started working with Maisonre, my love for Los Angeles has grown immensely and I feel lucky to share my 25+ years of discovery in LA with the Maisonre clientele. In addition to being licensed, I currently assist Bryony Atkinson vice president, a Realtor who has been in the business over a decade. Her wisdom coupled with my native Angeleno sensibility provides for a thrilling symbiosis, fueling a small and wonderful company dedicated to helping the disparate creative and hardworking denizens of this wonderful city.