Customary division of fees between buyers & sellers

The buyer can generally be expected to pay for:

  • Lender’s title insurance policy

  • One half of the sub-escrow fee

  • buyer’s escrow fee and processing fee

  • document preparation (if applicable)

  • email loan document fee

  • notary fees (as applicable)

  • recording charges for all documents in buyer’s name

  • tax proration (for any taxes unpaid at the closing)

  • homeowner’s transfer fee (according to contract)

  • all new loan charges

  • interest on new loan

  • inspection fees (general, roofing, geological, etc.)

  • Home warranty – according to contract

  • City transfer tax - according to contract

  • Fire (homeowner’s) insurance premium for first year

  • Next month hoa dues (if applicable)

  • Messenger fees