Alan Seiver, Broker
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My education is in accounting, but it’s my real interest in people that led me first to developing a wholesale distributing company and, ultimately, to real estate. For 25 years at Grubb & Ellis and for the last 5 years at my own real estate company, I’ve been active in the industry in Denver, primarily in sales and leasing. My accomplishments include three build-to-suit `projects for TRW/Northrop Grumman, totaling 292,000 square feet, valued in excess of $80 Million, and a sale of industrial property to the City and County of Denver for a park in Denver’s now thriving LODO area.

In the last 2½ years at Grubb & Ellis, I was the Managing Director of the Denver office. When it was most beneficial, I promoted the use of the team concept of agency through open and honest conversation. Problems were almost nonexistent, we had no arbitrations or legal issues, the office volume tripled and we achieved the rank of #2 within the company nationally.

In 2012, I became a licensed broker in California and in 2013 Bryony Atkinson, Abigail Dotson and I started MAISONRE. I am very proud to say our agents are among LA’s best and brightest. And, with our excellent staff, we remain focused on building success through relationships, service, competence, creativity, and ethical business practices. Most of all, we’re having lots of fun doing it!

I believe that working in the best interest of the client will promote the greatest success for the agent and the most security for his/her family. Most of us are drawn to real estate because it offers unrestrained financial success and independence. But experience has taught me that, for most truly independent agents, achieving success is much less stressful when they are assured of being on a strong, supportive base. I am very excited to be part of building MAISONRE into one of the leading brokerage companies in the LA area, our base for agents that share these values.